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Questions to ask before you see a doctor for skin check:

What are the qualifications, skills and experience of the doctor examining your skin?

Does this doctor have any extra training in skin examination?

Many skin clinics and some GPs offer digital technology to assist in examining skin spots.
It is important to remember that these are just tools that help the doctor make a diagnosis. The quality of the diagnosis still depends on the experience and skills of that doctor.

How do we perform a skin check?

During a skin check you will be asked to undress down to your underwear and lie on an examination bed (a chaperone always is available, should the need arises). A whole-body skin inspection will be conducted as we carefully and thoroughly examine the skin for any signs of skin cancer (with a Dermatoscope). If we notice something suspicious, patients are provided with a detailed diagnosis and skincare treatment options as well as advice on how to prevent further sun damage. Patients are encouraged to voice any questions or concerns.

With Dermoscopy, we may be able to differentiate malignant and non-malignant lesions, however, should it fall in gray area, we perform the biopsy, or take a dermatoscopic picture, saved on your file to compare later.

We perform excisions. These procedures are performed in our sterile, private rooms. All surgical instruments are cleaned and sterilized according to the highest Australian industry standards.

Dr Saman Setayesh is fully trained in all surgical and non-surgical skin cancer treatments and carries out all procedures with the utmost care, compassion and professionalism along with the dedicated nursing team.

Providing a high standard of patient care is our priority, so if you have any concern, book for a full skin check.

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