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Unparalleled Skin Cancer Care By Expert Doctors

ProMed Skin Cancer Clinic brings the most advanced and high-impact care services supported by the latest research, sophisticated treatment, and cutting-edge technology for the best results. Our doctors harness their expertise to curate the most effective cancer treatment to restrict its spread and destroy the malignant cancer cells reducing their impact on your skin and health. Visit us today for any sort of assistance with skin cancer and related ailments.

Skin Check

During a skin check you will be asked to undress down to your underwear and lie on an examination bed (a chaperone always is available, should the need arises). A whole body skin inspection will be conducted as we carefully and thoroughly examine the skin for any signs of skin cancer (with a Dermatoscope). If we notice something suspicious, patients are provided with a detailed diagnosis and skin care treatment options as well as advice on how to prevent further sun damage. Patients are encouraged to voice any questions or concerns.

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Surgical Excision

The doctor will explain to you why the skin lesion needs excision and the procedure involved. You may have to sign a consent form to indicate that you understand and agree to the surgical procedure. Tell your doctor if you are taking any medication (particularly aspirin, clopidogrel, dabigatran and warfarin, which could make you bleed more), or if you have any allergies, medical conditions, or a pacemaker or implanted defibrillator. Remember, to tell your doctor about any over-the-counter supplements or herbal remedies as a number of these can also lead to abnormal bleeding.

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Cryotherapy is a procedure that uses extreme cold (liquid nitrogen) to destroy tissue. It’s often used to treat skin lesions, which are skin growths or patches that don’t look like the skin around them

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Topical Treatment

A common treatment for basal cell carcinoma, the most common type of skin cancer worldwide, is a topical (applied to skin only) cream, such as Efudex (fluorouracil). If your doctor has prescribed Efudex, this introduction will arm you with the information you need to use it effectively and safely.

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Laser Treatment

Our Laser machine is characterized by an interface that allows choosing from several treatments, thus ensuring unprecedented accuracy of incisions in the surgical field. The “Blue” 445 nm wavelength can also be combined with the infra-red 970 nm one, thus making for a better ablative effect (DISB) or increased biostimulating properties (ISB).

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Antiwrinkle Injection

DID YOU KNOW THAT THERE ARE 3 ANTI-WRINKLE INJECTION TREATMENTS REGISTERED IN AUSTRALIA?  They all contain the same active ingredient (botulinum neurotoxin) however they are produced in different ways which influence the purity of the product. Some products contain unnecessary proteins, which do not help the active ingredient work in the body.

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  • Full skin check or spot check
  • Biopsy on the day
  • Skin cancer surgery
  • Cryotherapy or Laser treatment
  • Digital and computerised Dermatoscopy
  • Pathology on site
  • New patients welcome


Beating skin cancer becomes easier when you have ProMed to care, support, and treat you.

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