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Cancer Treatment That Makes a Difference
Detailed diagnostics facilitated by state-of-the-art equipment. An expert and passionate team of doctors come together to curate the best treatment available to restrict the growth and spread of the disease.

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Beating skin cancer becomes easier when you have ProMed to care, support, and treat you.

Welcome to ProMed Skin Cancer Clinic

ProMed Skin Cancer Clinic, combines advanced treatment, high-impact medicines, and passion for ensuring a healthy life for everyone. At ProMed Skin Cancer Clinic, we bring relief to our patients, physically, emotionally and economically.


  • Full skin check or spot check
  • Urgent one spot check on the day
  • Biopsy on the day
  • Skin cancer surgery from simple to complex procedures like Graft and Flap
  • Cryotherapy
  • Laser treatment
  • The most advanced Digital and computerised Dermatoscopy for monitoring
  • Dermengine full body mapping/photography
  • Pathology on site
  • New patients welcome

Expert-Led Skincare Services

At ProMed, we focus on early detection and targeted treatment while administering the ideal support structure for every patient. From diagnosis to treatment and after-treatment support, we are here for you.

Skin Check

Meticulous skin diagnosis to understand the problem and ensure the best results with the latest technology.

Surgical Excision

Surgical removal of malignant moles, lesions, and tumors for effective results.


Exposing the skin to extreme cold for removing abnormal tissue, also called Cryoablation.

Topical Treatment

Non-invasive and non-surgical treatment to remove and destroy localized cancer cells on the skin with the best possible outcome.

Laser Treatment

With the latest and advanced Laser Technology ( 3 SIMULTANEOUS WAVELENGTHS ), we are able to efficiently remove soft tissue growth, skin pigmentations, or vascular lesions including broken capillaries with a very reasonable cost.

Antiwrinkle Injection

The perfect remedy for skin frowning and squinting is facilitated by anti-wrinkle injection to retain the skin’s glow.

Call us now to discuss about your skin issues

(08) 8296 2700

Helpful Information

Have questions about Skin, Cancer, and Treatment possibilities? Follow our News section to obtain authentic information about everything related to healthy skin.

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