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Our Laser machine is characterized by an interface that allows choosing from several treatments, thus ensuring unprecedented accuracy of incisions in the surgical field. The “Blue” 445 nm wavelength can also be combined with the infra-red 970 nm one, thus making for a better ablative effect (DISB) or increased bio stimulating properties (ISB).
These two modalities are K-Laser patents and make for a unique and exclusive surgical performance.

K-Laser Blue Derma, compared to surgical devices that use infra-red wavelengths, uses blue light, thus ensuring high-level surgical performance, thanks to the reduction of thermal damage and to its peculiar interaction with haemoglobin. Thanks to these features, it guarantees increased cutting effectiveness, much higher than the one obtained with infra-red lasers, and the complete absence of water absorption help drastically reduce the overheating of the surrounding tissues.

K-Laser Blue Derma guarantees ideal visibility of the operative area thanks to immediate haemostasis. In contact surgery, the use of special sterilisable fibres prevents possible cross infections while guaranteeing a clean and bloodless operative area.

K-Laser Blue Derma can be used effectively to treat skin injuries and imperfections thanks to its high technology that consists of several interchangeable hand-pieces and thanks to its dynamic software that allows choosing from numerous application fields. Clinical results are the basis of the effectiveness of K-Laser treatments in Surgery and can be seen in the Gallery.

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